Local Headlines 3-16-14

Salt Lake Tribune

Rolly: Did the ghost of Eagle Forum kill adoption bill again?

Op-ed: Utah caucus system is like corruped Teamsters Union

Op-ed: Farm Bureau, landowners should have taken stream-access deal

Op-ed: Chaffetz is tackling Internet sales-tax issue

Op-ed: Utah legislators stood up for Fourth Amendment

Op-ed: Moderate voters win session; Lockhart, lungs lose

Editorial: Utah education funds barely keep up with the need

Editorial: Utah Legislature tots up some small successes

Editorial: Utah bill only partly hides voter info, and that’s OK

Study: Utah boasts some of the highest employment rates for youth

Swallow scandal helped break logjam on ethics bills

Lawmakers didn’t act on anti-bias, liquor reform or same-sex marriage

Utah elections reshaped with compromise on Count My Vote initiative

In Utah Legislature’s final hours, transit tax election bill died swiftly, unexpectedly

Real Women Run course teaches women to be confident candidates

2014 Utah legislative session: Guv emerges the victor

Ukraine unrest hits global market, Utah farmers

Days after Charlee’s Law passes, Charlee Nelson dies at age 6

The two faces of Utah: Healthy but mentally ill

Utah lawmakers make move to stop adoption ‘forum shopping’

Deseret News

Mike Lee: It will be our ideas that win in 2014

John Florez: Legislators’ lip service: Losing credibility

Frank Pignanelli & LaVarr Webb: Legislative all-stars: How our elected players performed

Editorial: Political restructuring will lead to moderation

Editorial: Wins and losses in the 2014 legislative session

Editorial: Democracy and political participation

Utah prosecutors forward allegations against Sens. Mike Lee, Harry Reid to feds

E-cigarette bill vaporized when time in legislative session ran out

Can House speaker be a ‘real fighter’ in governor’s race?

New steps taken to break the cycle of poverty

Utah lawmakers stand pat on liquor laws

New legislation contributes to education goals, but major reforms remain out of reach

Utah’s caucus system made easy

Caucus meetings this week give public a chance to get involved

Bill passed by Legislature may mean Utah jails will release some felons early

Parents remember child, 6, who died days after law was passed in her name


Legislation may be remembered for what wasn’t passed (Daily Herald)

Lockhart bids farewell to Legislature (Daily Herald)

Op-ed: Budget covered all needs, and a few wants (Standard-Examiner)

Editorial: Pols wanting on air quality (Standard-Examiner)

Ogden lawmaker announces resignation to work for Mike Lee (Standard-Examiner)

Top of Utah candidates crowd in to file for 2014 elected offices (Standard-Examiner)

Riverdale’s vote by mail produces twice the votes for half the cost (Standard-Examiner)

Davis County vote-by-mail election is state test case in 2014 (Standard-Examiner)

Utah voter data privacy bill rapped by open government advocates (Standard-Examiner)

Legislation aims to protect unmarried fathers’ custody rights; local lawmaker stirs controversy on topic (Logan Herald Journal)