Curbside glass recycling available for Sandy residents

Curbside glass recycling will now be available for Sandy residents.

Sandy City has contracted with Momentum Recycling to provide the service. This optional monthly service will cost residents a $25 activation fee and $8 per month, with the fees appearing on the normal monthly bill from the City. Residents who sign up before July 1st will receive a $20 rebate. Pick-ups will occur once per month, starting July 1st, on either the 3rd or last Tuesday of each month depending on the location of the resident. All colors of glass are accepted and there is no need to rinse or remove labels. Residents can find more information about the program and sign up here.

“I hear regularly from Sandy residents about the need for curbside glass recycling,” said Mayor Kurt Bradburn.  “I am excited we are finally able to offer them this service through Momentum Recycling. Our community is mindful of our impact on the environment and I believe this program will be widely used throughout the city.”

“We’re excited to partner with Sandy City to provide this popular recycling service,” said John Lair, President and CEO of Momentum Recycling. “Glass recycling is great for the environment and the local economy, and it’s important to Sandy residents. We’re very happy that we can help.”