Kosovar leaders examine renewable energy in Utah

The Open World Leadership Center, an agency of the U.S. Congress, is sending a delegation of Kosovar Leaders examining renewable energy to Utah through 15, 2019. The delegation consists of five professionals and will be accompanied by a bicultural facilitator and an interpreter. While in Utah, the Open World program participants will be hosted by Utah Council for Citizen Diplomacy. 

Prior to their arrival in Utah, the participants completed an orientation in Washington, D.C. Delegates had policy meetings with Members of Congress including the office of U.S. Congressman Chris Stewart representing Utah’s 2nd District. 

While in Utah, delegates will experience Utah-based expertise in integrating renewable energy into the mainstream power supply. Delegates will meet with Salt Lake City Mayor Jackie Biskupski, state elected officials serving on the Public Utilities, Energy, and Technology Interim Committee. Additional activities include meeting with Utah’s renewable energy leaders such as Rocky Mountain Power, Heal Utah, Utah Clean Energy, and Citizen’s Climate Lobby. 

More than 28,000 current and future leaders from post-Soviet era countries have participated in the Open World program. Open World offers one of the most effective U.S. exchange programs to promote mutually beneficial options for depolarized engagement between future national leaders.

About the Kosovar Delegation: 
Mr. Dardan Abazi, Researcher and Program Manager, Institute for Development Policy (INDEP)
Ms. Kerolinda Blakaj, Engineer for Market Operation, Energy Company “KOSTT” j.s.c.
Mr. Kushtrim Krasniqi, Operative National Dispatcher, Energy Company “KOSTT” j.s.c.
Ms. Rina Lluka, Senior Officer for Energy Systems, Ministry of Economic Development, Kosovo
Ms. Arta Isufi, Energy Supply and Market Structure Analyst, Energy Regulatory Office