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The 2020 gubernatorial contest is already kicking into high gear, and it’s more than a year away.

Former Gov. Jon Huntsman is reportedly meeting with advisors ahead of a potential run, while former House Speaker Greg Hughes is planning on jumping into the race later this summer. Plus, the media gets in a stupid spat over the Huntsman story.

Mitt Romney stays true to form saying he’s not sure he’ll endorse anyone for president in 2020. If this shocks you, then you haven’t been paying attention.

Lawmakers may have a hard time selling the public on tax reform, especially since it looks like they’ll have a healthy budget surplus again this year.

The Salt Lake City Mayor race is officially underway. 

Plus, Donald Trump and Joe Biden are spoiling for a fight. Democrats ditch plans for a pay raise, Channel 2 does the right thing after we ask them some tough questions.

And, Bob gives his review of Lady Gaga’s show in Las Vegas.

Veteran journalists Bryan Schott and Bob Bernick discuss the latest Utah political news in the newest episode of their award-winning podcast.


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