A GOP Win in ’14 Could Lead to Problems in ’16

A top Republican strategist is warning the party that making gains in the 2014 midterm elections does not mean they should stand pat in 2016.

The Huffington Post reports digital strategist Michael Beach says a “wave” election for the GOP this year could actually set the party back two years from now.

He likens the scenario to what happened in 2010 and 2006.

The tea party wave of 2010, Beach said, “was great for Republicans, [but] it was the worst thing that ever happened to our profession because it just reinforced bad habits.”

“All you had to do was be standing after the primary and you won,” Beach said. “We could have done anything in ’10 and won. We could have done leaflets.”

As a result, Republican consultants and operatives did not focus on the tech advances that were being made in politics. President Barack Obama’s team had pioneered new uses of digital campaigning in 2008, and Democrats built on that experience for the next four years, while Republicans insisted that high unemployment and Obama’s unpopularity would be enough for another GOP romp in 2012.