National Headlines 3-19-14

Justice Department rejects Ted Cruz’s IRS probe request (Politico)

The Hill’s missing plane guessing game (Politico)

White House: Russia ‘directly responsible’ for Crimean casualties (The Hill)

Pelosi, Dems doubling down on ObamaCare (The Hill)

Yellen: ‘The buck stops with me’ (The Hill)

Alleged al Qaeda Spokesman Testifies in New York (Wall Street Journal)

Texas finds new execution drug supply (Associated Press)

Unemployment benefits: Boehner rejects bipartisan plan as ‘unworkable’ (Los Angeles Times)

Arizona, Kansas Win Case on Voter Citizenship Requirements (Bloomberg)

David Axelrod wants Rand Paul to stop using big words (Washington Examiner)

IRS: $760 million in 2010 refunds unclaimed (USA Today)