Tick tock – June 27, 2019

1829 – English scientist James Smithson left a will that eventually funded the establishment of the Smithsonian Institution in Washington.

1844 – Joseph Smith, founder of the LDS Church, and his brother Hyrum Smith are killed by a mob at the Carthage, Illinois jail.

1847 – The first telegraph wire links were established between New York City and Boston.

1859 – Louisville, Ky., schoolteacher Mildred Hill composed a tune for her students and called it “Good Morning To You.” Her sister, Patty, later added a verse that began “Happy Birthday To You.”

1898 – The first solo circumnavigation of the globe is completed by Joshua Slocum from Briar Island, Nova Scotia.

1950 – The U.S. decides to send troops to fight in the Korean War.

1974- President Richard Nixon visits the Soviet Union.