UtahPolicy.com/Y2 Analytics launch public opinion polling initiative

UtahPolicy Y2 01

UtahPolicy.com and Y2 Analytics are teaming up on an independent public opinion polling initiative to gauge voter sentiment on key political issues facing Utahns.

The Utah Political Trends Panel, which launches this week, will provide policy makers and the public a monthly snapshot on several political and public policy topics.

“Independent opinion research on political and public policy topics contributes greatly to political discussion and the development of good public policy in the state,” said LaVarr Webb, UtahPolicy.com publisher.

Kelly Patterson with Y2 Analytics said the innovative project should provide deeper insight about voter attitudes around the Beehive State.

“We hope that with this project we can provide useful information to citizens and policy-makers. Utah is changing rapidly, and it helps to have a finger on the pulse of the population to shape the contours of the debates and discussions that Utah will have,” he said.

The monthly surveys will be conducted using a representative sample of registered voters in Utah, who will complete the survey online. The results are then weighted to reflect the demographic makeup of the state. You can read more about the survey methodology here. Once results are published, the public will have access to the topline results of all surveys.

By polling monthly, UtahPolicy.com and Y2 Analytics will be able to quickly respond to issues as they arise and measure public opinion in a timely fashion.

Webb notes the new project with Y2 is the next phase in UtahPolicy.com’s long history of providing accurate public opinion polling information.

“UtahPolicy.com has conducted professional opinion research for many years and we look forward to this new partnership with Y2 Analytics. We will measure public opinion on a frequent basis on a wide variety of political races and issues and share the results with our readers. It is important for public officials to understand what the public thinks about important issues,” he said.