2014 Election Race Ratings: Utah House (Updated 7/27/2014)

Here's our first look at the 2014 races for Utah House. All 75 seats are up for election this year. Our first round of ratings show Utah's Democrats could be on the defensive this year.

Heading into the 2014 election, there are 61 Republicans and 14 Democrats on the Hill. The only two seats we see as pure "toss-up" are currently in the Democratic column. It's quite possible Utah's minority party could dip to a dozen seats after the 2014 election.

With the number of "safe" and "solid" GOP seats, Republicans head into the 2014 election with their supermajority in the Legislature virtually assured.

Our rating scale:

  • "Safe" seats mean there is no challenger from the opposing party.
  • "Solid" means the seat is likely to remain in that party's control.
  • "Lean" means the party should keep control of the seat, but it's in some doubt because of a retirement or strong challenger.
  • "Toss-up" means control of the seat is in doubt.

Seat Rating Notes
House 1 Solid Republican Open seat – Republican Ronda Menlove is retiring.
House 2 Safe Republican No Democratic challenger for this seat.
House 3 Safe Republican No Democratic challenger for this seat.
House 4 Safe Republican No Democratic challenger for this seat.
House 5 Solid Republican Curt Webb is the incumbent.
House 6 Solid Republican Jake Anderegg is the incumbent.
House 7 Solid Republican Justin Fawson is the Republican candidate.
House 8 Solid Republican Gage Froerer is the incumbent.
House 9 Solid Republican Jeremy Peterson is the incumbent.
House 10 Solid Republican Dixon Pitcher is the incumbent.
House 11 Solid Republican Brad Dee is the incumbent.
House 12 Solid Republican Mike Schultz is the Republican candidate to replace the retiring Richard Greenwood.
House 13 Solid Republican Paul Ray is the incumbent.
House 14 Solid Republican Curt Oda is the incumbent.
House 15 Solid Republican Brad Wilson is the incumbent.
House 16 Solid Republican Steve Handy is the incumbent.
House 17 Solid Republican Stewart Barlow is the incumbent.
House 18 Solid Republican Timothy Hawkes is the Republican candidate to replace the retiring Roger Barrus.
House 19 Solid Republican Raymond Ward is the Republican candidate to replace Jim Nielson, who is retiring.
House 20 Solid Republican Becky Edwards is the incumbent.
House 21 Solid Republican Doug Sagers is the incumbent.
House 22 Solid Democrat Susan Duckworth is the incumbent.
House 23 Solid Democrat Sandra Hollins is the Democratic candidate to replace Jen Seelig who is retiring
House 24 Solid Democrat Rebecca Chavez-Houck is the incumbent.
House 25 Solid Democrat Joel Briscoe is the incumbent.
House 26 Lean Democrat Angela Romero is the incumbent, but should have a closer race this time around.
House 27 Solid Republican Mike Kennedy is the incumbent.
House 28 Safe Democrat Brian King is the incumbent and is running unopposed. 
House 29 Solid Republican Lee Perry is the incumbent. 
House 30 Lean Democrat  Republican Fred Cox is looking to return to the Legislature after losing to Fisher in 2012. Democrat Mike Lee is a police officer and officer with the AFL-CIO, which should serve him well.
House 31 Lean Republican Democrat Larry Wiley is the incumbent, but he could face a tough challenge from the GOP in this race. Wiley only won in 2012 by 77 votes. Republican Sophia DiCaro is described by politicos on both sides of the aisle as a potential "rock star."
House 32 Solid Republican  LaVar Christensen is the incumbent. 
House 33 Solid Republican  Republican Craig Hall pulling in a number of union endorsements could be enough to tip the scales against Democrat Liz Muniz.
House 34 Lean Republican  Republican Johnny Anderson caught a huge break when Democrat Selena Milner decided to not challenge him again. 
House 35 Lean Democrat  Democrat Mark Wheatley is the incumbent. 
House 36 Solid Democrat  Democrat Patrice Arent should cruise to another term.
House 37 Lean Democrat  Democrat Carol Spackman Moss should be breathing a sigh of relief after Republican Anne-Marie Lampropoulos opted to not challenge her again. 
House 38 Solid Republican  Republican Eric Hutchings is the incumbent.
House 39 Safe Republican  Republican Jim Dunnigan is running unopposed. 
House 40 Solid Democrat  Democrat Lynn Hemingway is retiring, but Justin Miller should keep this seat in Democrat hands. 
House 41 Solid Republican Republican Dan McCay is the incumbent. 
House 42 Solid Republican  Kim Coleman should keep this seat in Republican hands.
House 43 Solid Republican Earl Tanner is the incumbent. 
House 44 Toss-up  Democrat Tim Cosgrove retiring. This seat has been a tough fight for Democrats over the past two cycles. 
House 45 Solid Republican Republican Steve Eliason is the incumbent. 
House 46 Lean Democrat  Marie Poulson is the incumbent, but she won in 2012 by less than 1,500 votes. 
House 47 Solid Republican Republican Ken Ivory should have little trouble keeping this seat in GOP hands. 
House 48 Solid Republican  Incumbent Keven Stratton is facing a challenge for the GOP nomination. 
House 49 Lean Republican  Robert Spendlove was appointed to this seat in mid-January after Derek Brown resigned. 
House 50 Solid Republican  Rich Cunningham is facing a challenge for the GOP nomination. 
House 51 Solid Republican  House Majority Whip Greg Hughes is the incumbent. 
House 52 Solid Republican  John Knotwell is the incumbent. 
House 53 Solid Republican Incumbent Mel Brown should have little trouble hanging on to this seat.
House 54 Solid Republican  Republican Kraig Powell is the incumbent. 
House 55 Safe Republican  Scott Chew is running unopposed for this open seat.
House 56 Safe Republican  It would be a shock if this seat fell into Democratic hands following the arrest of Democrat Mark Byrge.
House 57 Solid Republican  Incumbent Brian Green should win handily.  
House 58 Safe Republican  Republican Jon Cox is only facing a third-party challenger and should return to the Hill in 2015.
House 59 Safe Republican  Val Peterson is running unopposed. 
House 60 Solid Republican  Former Rep. Brad Daw beat incumbent Dana Layton for the GOP nomination after lowing to Layton in 2012. 
House 61  Solid Republican Keith Grover is the incumbent. 
House 62 Solid Republican  Incumbent Jon Stanard should have an easy re-election bid. 
House 63 Safe Republican  Dean Sanpei is running unopposed. 
House 64 Solid Republican  Norm Thurston the GOP candidate to replace Speaker Becky Lockhart who is retiring. There's virtually zero chance of a Democratic pick-up here. 
House 65 Safe Republican  Republican Francis Gibson is running unopposed. 
House 66 Solid Republican  Incumbent Mike McKell is the incumbent.
House 67 Solid Republican  Incumbent Mark Roberts should win another term. 
House 68 Safe Republican  Only a third-party challenger to the GOP nominee Merrill Nelson.
House 69 Solid Republican  Bill Labrum beat incumbent Jerry Anderson and former Democratic Rep. Christine Watkins for the GOP nomination.
Democrat Brad King, who used to hold this seat, is looking to return to the Hill.
House 70 Solid Republican  Republican Kay McIff is the incumbent. 
House 71 Solid Republican  Republican Brad Last is the incumbent. 
House 72 Safe Republican  Incumbent John Westwood is unopposed after beating Iron County GOP Chair Blake Cozzens for the GOP nomination. 
House 73 Safe Republican  Republican Mike Noel running unopposed.
House 74 Solid Republican  Incumbent Lowry Snow should likely to win another term.
House 75 Solid Republican  Republican Don Ipson is the incumbent.