2014 Election Race Ratings: Utah Senate (Updated 7/29/2014)

Here's our latest look at the 2014 races for Utah Senate. There are 14 seats up for election this year, but we don't see much, if any, change coming in 2014.

Our rating scale:

  • "Safe" seats mean there is no challenger from the opposing party.
  • "Solid" means the seat is likely to remain in that party's control.
  • "Lean" means the party should keep control of the seat, but it's in some doubt because of a retirement or strong challenger.
  • "Toss-up" means control of the seat is in doubt.
In our view, only two seats could be "in play" in 2014. Sen. Pat Jones is retiring from Senate 4 and Sen. Stuart Reid is retiring from Senate 18, which could provide an opportunity for the other party.

Utah Senate (14 GOP seats and 1 Democrat seat not up for election)

Seat Rating Notes
Senate 2 Safe Democrat Jim Dabakis has a massive cash lead over his Republican opponent.
Senate 3 Safe Democrat Gene Davis running unopposed.
Senate 4 Lean Democrat Open seat after Democrat Pat Jones retired.
Senate 5 Solid Democrat Karen Mayne is the incumbent.
Senate 9 Solid Republican President Wayne Niederhauser is the incumbent.
Senate 11 Solid Republican Senator Howard Stephenson is the incumbent.
Senate 12 Solid Republican Daniel Thatcher is the incumbent.
Senate 15 Solid Republican Margaret Dayton is the incumbent.
Senate 17 Solid Republican Peter Knudson is the incumbent.
Senate 18 Lean Republican Ann Millner, former President for Weber State, is the Republican nominee to replace Sen. Stuart Reid.
Senate 21 Solid Republican Jerry Stevenson is the incumbent.
Senate 22 Solid Republican Stuart Adams is the incumbent.
Senate 26 Solid Republican Kevin Van Tassell is the incumbent.
Senate 28  Safe Republican Evan Vickers is running unopposed.