2014 Election Race Ratings: Attorney General

In the aftermath of the John Swallow scandal, Utah has an unexpected race for Attorney General this year. We rate this race as "Lean Republican."

Sean Reyes, who was appointed to the office following John Swallow's resignation should win another term in the office, but there are some real risks for the Republican. 

A recent UtahPolicy.com poll found Reyes has a 53% approval rating, but more than 1/4 of Utahns have no opinion about the job he's doing. That could suggest Reyes could be vulnerable.

Charles Stormont, the Democratic challenger in this race, is launching a media campaign on TV and radio – something the past few Democratic candidates for Attorney General were unable to do. How much of an effect this has remains to be seen.


Our rating scale:

  • "Safe" seats mean there is no challenger from the opposing party.
  • "Solid" means the seat is likely to remain in that party's control.
  • "Lean" means the party should keep control of the seat, but it's in some doubt because of a retirement or strong challenger.
  • "Toss-up" means control of the seat is in doubt.

Race Rating Notes
Attorney General Lean Republican Republican Sean Reyes should win the race to complete John Swallow's term, but it remains to be seen whether the Swallow scandal will affect his chances.