2014 Election Race Ratings: Congress

With Jim Matheson not running, expect control of all four of Utah’s seats in Congress to go to the GOP. 

Matheson was facing a tough re-election bid against Mia Love, who lost to him by 768 votes last time around. We expect this seat to fall into the GOP column now that Matheson is not running.

Utah’s other 3 Congressional seats should easily remain under GOP control.

Our rating scale:

  • “Safe” seats mean there is no challenger from the opposing party.
  • “Solid” means the seat is likely to remain in that party’s control.
  • “Lean” means the party should keep control of the seat, but it’s in some doubt because of a retirement or strong challenger.
  • “Toss-up” means control of the seat is in doubt.

Seat Rating Notes
U.S. House 1 Solid Republican Rob Bishop should easily win a 7th term in Congress despite a likely rematch with Democrat Donna McAleer.
U.S. House 2 Solid Republican We expected more challengers for the GOP nomination, but freshman Congressman Chris Stewart has the inside track. Democrat Luz Robles is putting up stronger than expected fundraising numbers right now, but that probably won’t be enough to pull the upset.
U.S. House 3 Solid Republican Jason Chaffetz is facing token opposition in his quest for a 4th term in the House.
U.S. House 4 Solid Republican Doug Owens, son of the late Congressman Wayne Owens, is running as a Democrat, but he doesn’t have the same kind of name recognition as Jim Matheson. Expect an easy Republican victory in November.