Dabakis Resigning as Democratic Party Chair

Utah State Democratic Party Chairman Jim Dabakis is resigning for health reasons.

In an email sent out Monday morning, Dabakis announced he would be stepping down as chair of the party, but will keep his seat in the Senate.

“While I spend the next months fighting some medical issues, I can assure you that my voice still works. I will stay in the Senate and run for re-election (I have 3 tough Tea Party opponents). Frankly, the Senate job is very genteel, unlike the party chair’s 24/7 war. I can handle the Senate job and do what I need to do to get physically better. Quitting one job was a compromise I made with Stephen (my partner of 27 years and husband of 3 months).”

In the email, Dabakis mentioned he was going to form a new left-leaning political organization called “DABAK PAC” that would “make progressive voices in Utah heard.”

Dabakis was first elected as party chair in 2011 and won a second term in 2013.