GOP Launching .gop Domain Name

The Republican Party is getting ready to roll-out the first-ever political top-level domain name. The party hopes the .gop domain will help them better organize and campaign online.

The Hill reports the GOP is hoping to play catch-up with the superior technology advantage enjoyed by the Obama team during the 2012 election. Using .gop could make it easier for voters to find Republican candidates online.

The Republican Party’s so-called autopsy report after that election repeatedly noted the importance of web strategy and new media outreach for modern politics.

The autopsy report claimed that “one of the clearest lessons from 2012 is that Republicans must catch up on how we utilize technology in our campaigns” to reach and track potential voters and to maximize outreach efforts. 

Democrats haven’t registered for a domain of their own, but they’re dismissing the notion that they’ll be at any disadvantage.