Utahns say Trump’s use of Twitter is inappropriate

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Most Utahns have read or heard about GOP President Donald Trump’s tweets, and most think his tweeting is inappropriate and he should stop doing it, a new UtahPolicy.com/Y2 Analytics poll finds.

In fact, only those who say they are “strong Republicans” and “strong conservatives” approve of Trump’s tweets and think he should keep pounding them out on his smartphone, the poll shows.

The Utah Political Trends survey finds, overall, 62 percent of Utah voters say the president should stop tweeting.

Seventy percent say his use of the social network is inappropriate.

Seventy-one percent view his tweets as unfavorable.

Still, is Trump getting Utahns to pay attention to his tweets? You bet, 83 percent say have either read or heard about Trump’s tweets.


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Trump tweets so often that few can say they’ve read them all, or agree or disagree with a couple of tweets or many. He tweets almost every day, and often at night or in early morning hours. He seems to often tweet in response to things he sees on Fox News, indicating just how much he watches the conservative, often-pro-Trump TV cable channel.

When he is out of the country, on different time schedules, and can’t watch his favorite Fox programs, he often records them. And then tweets about some topic his Fox and friends are talking about when he gets back – thus the indication that he is watching an older program.

In any case, Trump and tweets is a very odd combination, never seen before in U.S. politics or policy-making.

Kelly Patterson of Y2 said: “People seem to realize that President Trump’s twitter account contributes to the conflict and turmoil in American politics.

“And one of the major reasons individuals do not like politics has to do with the conflict and rancor produced by it,” says Patterson.

Thus, it may be fair to say Trump knows what he’s doing with his tweets, and likes to rile folks up with them.

UtahPolicy.com and Y2 Analytics asked several Trump/tweet questions in our recent survey and will report on them in-depth in the days ahead.

Another Trump/tweet controversy will likely crop up before we finish reporting on these poll results. But not to worry, such controversies have been happening almost weekly since Trump took office, and so our results should be accurate this August and for months beyond.

Some of the Trump/tweet findings:

More Utah Democrats said they are familiar with Trump tweets than do Republicans, a somewhat different take.

Perhaps Democrats learn about his tweets from regular media – which like to report on them — while Republicans are watching conservative media outlets which don’t report as much on his tweets.

We also see the continuing trend that younger Utahns dislike almost everything involving Trump, only 6 percent said the president should keep tweeting, while 94 percent of 18-to-34 year-olds say he should stop. Those over 65 say he should stop, 56-34 percent.

And women don‘t like his tweets, ether – they say he should stop, 74-18 percent.

Men say he should stop, 51-34 percent.

All religious, and those with no religion say he should stop. “Very active” LDS say Trump should quit tweeting, 59-30 percent; those with no religion say “stop” to Trump’s tweeting, 65-22 percent.


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The survey was conducted from July 31 to August 6, 2019, among 1,017 registered Utah voters, with a margin of error +/- 3.1%. You can read more about the methodology used in the poll here, and our online survey panel here.