Local Headlines 3-27-14

Salt Lake Tribune

Rocky Mountain Power to build first solar farm in Utah

House passes Bishop’s bill on creating monuments

Utahns unveil federal bill against online gambling

Millions in federal excise taxes support Utah wildlife

Study: Utah less dependent on feds than most states

Utah’s official state tree is now the aspen

Oil boom leads to huge growth for Duchesne County

Hikers find unreported oil spill into Grand Staircase monument

Deseret News

Dan Liljenquist: Only Congress can rein in overly aggressive EPA

Op-ed: Is more always better? Not in health care

Jay Evensen: Education won’t improve until it’s as local as your kitchen table

Editorial: Roll back mandatory minimum sentences and allow judges to measure out punishment

Student-advocated state tree bill signed into law

Rocky Mountain Power to develop solar project

Rep. Jason Chaffetz looks to ban online gambling

See which states, cities came out on top in this year’s ‘State of American Well-Being’ report


House approves Bishop’s bill to limit president on public monuments (Standard-Examiner)

Editorial: Regional transportation issues belong at top of priority list (Standard-Examiner)

Utah Sierra Club: Hillyard among tops in the state for environmental voting (Logan Herald Journal)