CYBER24 podcast: As more Utah state employees embrace teleworking, officials have eye on cybersecurity

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Last month, Utah Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox announced a pilot program testing the benefits of state employees teleworking showed increased productivity, reduced carbon output by eliminating the commute to an office and allows for more efficient use of state office space. 

But with more employees working from home – many handling sensitive data – the question of just how secure the data and devices the employees utilize would be is also a major part of the equation. 

In episode 48 of the CYBER24 podcast, we welcome Mike Hussey, executive director of the Utah Dept. of Technology Services to our expert panel to ask him about the steps the state has taken to ensure that data is protected and that hackers aren’t exploiting those working from home. 

Dan Schuyler of VLCM also shares his impression of the Def Con hacking conference, one of two major hacking conferences held in Las Vegas last week. Surprisingly, it was the government appealing to the hackers for their help in our nation’s cybersecurity efforts. 


Articles discussed in this week’s show: 

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