Herbert calls special session to make changes to medical cannabis law

Utah Capitol 20

Gov. Gary Herbert called a special for Monday, September 16 for lawmakers to consider changes to Utah’s medical cannabis law.

Lawmakers are set to ditch the state’s central-fill pharmacy provision after local health departments worried they would likely be violating federal law by dispensing marijuana. Instead, Utah will expand the number of private medical cannabis pharmacies, as well as allowing patients in remote areas to have product delivered by courier.

“My administration is dedicated to ensuring that quality, medical-grade cannabis products are accessible to patients by March of 2020,” said Gov. Gary R. Herbert in an email release. “Removing the requirement for a state central fill pharmacy will provide efficient and timely distribution of this substance for those who need it.” 

Lawmakers will also consider appropriating money for the 2020 census and making changes to the date of the 2020 primary.