Who do Utahns trust more on gun policy? Men trust Republicans in Congress, while women trust Democrats

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More Utahns trust Republicans in Congress to make good gun control policies than trust Democrats, a new UtahPolicy.com/Y2 Analytics poll shows.

And since Utah is a red state, that makes sense on this touchy partisan issue.

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But here’s an interesting breakout:

Utah women trust Democrats more to make gun policy in Congress than they trust Republicans.

Forty percent of women said they trust congressional Democrats to make good gun policy, only 36 percent said they trust Republicans more, and 24 percent didn’t know or have no opinion.

47 percent of men say Republicans in Congress should be trusted more on gun policy, only a third of men picked Democrats on this issue, while 20 percent didn’t know.

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This is yet another example in Y2 polling where Utah women differ significantly from men on a variety of issues — especially those which somehow reflect the feelings the respondents have about GOP President Donald Trump.

Kelly Patterson of Y2 said that over time women are often more accepting of Democratic proposals than are men, “especially on some of these issues.”

2nd Amendment rights and gun control have long been partisan issues, with more liberal folks siding with gun control and more conservatives siding with the National Rifle Association in opposing more gun control.

90 percent of those who said they are “strong” liberals trust Democrats more on gun policy, only 1 percent trust Republicans and 9 percent don’t know.

Just the opposite for those who are “strong” conservatives, 91 percent trust Republicans, 1 percent trust Democrats and 9 percent don’t know.

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Most “very active” members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are Republicans.

And Y2 finds 52 percent of good Mormons trust Republicans in Congress to make good gun policy, only 29 percent trust Democrats and 19 percent don’t know.

Gun control is once again in the national conscience after several mass shootings, two in Texas.

Senate GOP leaders say gun control will be a top topic in the 40-odd days until Congress adjourns for the holidays’ break into the New Year.

But if anything can be achieved in the Democratic-controlled House and the Republican-controlled Senate remains to be seen.