Stewart: Democrats will make ‘a terrible mistake’ if they impeach Trump

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Rep. Chris Stewart continued to defend President Donald Trump against the impeachment inquiry opened by Congressional Democrats in light of his apparent urging of Ukraine to dig up dirt on a political opponent.

Stewart said on Fox News Wednesday that Democrats know they have an “incredibly weak case” in their drive to impeach the president. He also slammed news that the anonymous whistleblower at the center of this case reached out to House Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff before filing the official whistleblower complaint. 

“For the American people to believe the Democrats if they try to make this impossible case that they want to remove the president over one sentence in one phone call where he is asking to investigate corruption, never promised a quid pro quo, you have to be credible yourself. I think Adam Schiff lost it last week, lost it years ago in my opinion,” said Stewart.

The New York Times reported on Wednesday that the anonymous whistleblower gave Rep. Schiff’s office the outlines of his concern that President Trump asked Ukraine’s government to interfere in the 2020 election on his behalf. However, there’s no evidence that Schiff’s office was involved in the drafting of the formal complaint.

Stewart once again decried the whole process, saying if Democrats go through with impeaching President Trump, it will lower the bar for impeaching future presidents.

“Democrats will make a terrible mistake if they set the threshold for impeachment this low. If they impeach for this, we will never have a president serve out his four years again. It sets an impossible threshold for any democracy to survive,” he said.

Watch the clip below via Fox News.