National Headlines 4-1-14

DNC worried about midterm turnout because ‘lower turnout means that we’ll lose’ (Washington Examiner)

Harry Reid dismisses cancer patient Tom Coburn’s Obamacare concern (Washington Examiner)

Paul Ryan Is About To Become The Most Powerful Member Of The House Of Representatives (Business Insider)

Ryan budget attacks Obama’s climate agenda (The Hill)

Lawmakers oppose Pollard’s release (The Hill)

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul Says GOP Must Appeal To Hispanics, Get ‘Beyond Deportation’ (Fox News)

FBI conducts sweep of state Senate office said to be Yee’s (Los Angeles Times)

Teacher: ‘I was bullied’ for opposing testing system (MSNBC)

What We Know About Who the CIA Tortured, How, and What Good It Did (The Wire)

This is how Hillary Clinton responds to her husband’s April Fools’ Day tweet (The Week)

Californians in the Quake Zone Mostly Uninsured (NBC News)