National Republicans target McAdams on impeachment


Ben McAdams 23

Congressional Republicans are targeting Rep. Ben McAdams with a digital advertising campaign over his votes to table a resolution disapproving of Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s decision to move forward with an impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump.

The National Congressional Campaign Committee, the campaign arm of House Republicans, launched a four-figure Facebook ad buy hitting McAdams for his votes on the resolution from House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy which sought a full House vote to launch the impeachment inquiry, rather than the announcement from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. The resolution was tabled twice on a party-line vote.

The ad, which will run for at least a week on Facebook, urges viewers to “tell Ben McAdams to oppose impeachment.” It also characterizes McAdams vote as siding with “radical Democrats.” The link in the ad leads to an online “petition” that also solicits donations.

20191003 NRCC FB Ad

McAdams, for his part, has not taken a position on impeachment, repeatedly saying he views his role in the investigation of President Trump’s actions toward Ukraine as that of a juror. An anonymous whistleblower has alleged Trump pressured the president of Ukraine to dig up dirt on a political rival, allegations that were seemingly confirmed when the White House released a readout of a telephone call between the two leaders.

“There are questions about whether President Trump abused his power and harmed our national security for his own personal gain. These are serious allegations that deserve a deliberative process,” said McAdams in an email statement on Thursday.

“I want all the facts, and I will carefully review all the evidence. I have consistently supported understanding all the facts and Congress receiving the documents it needs to fulfill its Constitutional role. However, I will not prejudge the outcome. I see my role like a juror in a court proceeding, and it’s important for me to remain impartial until the process is concluded,” said McAdams.

McAdams is treading lightly around the impeachment issue for good reason. He defeated Republican Mia Love by fewer than 700 votes last year to win his seat in Congress. Utah’s 4th Congressional District is overwhelmingly Republican with a partisan lean of R+13, meaning a Republican candidate should perform 13 points better than the national average in that district.

McAdams has the highest approval rating of any of Utah’s members of Congress according to’s polling from Y2 Analytics. 43% of voters in the 4th Congressional District approve of McAdams’ job performance, while just 21% disapprove.

An August Utah Political Trends poll from and Y2 Analytics found 47% of voters in McAdams’ district opposed impeaching President Donald Trump.

So far, there are five Republicans vying for the GOP nomination to take on McAdams next year. The field of hopefuls includes State Senator Dan Hemmert, State Rep. Kim Coleman, Kathleen Anderson, Jay McFarland and John Molnar. Hemmert was recently named to the NRCC’s “Young Guns” program.