National Headlines 4-3-14

Americans Say 75 Percent of Politicians Are Corrupted, 70 Percent Use Political Power to Hurt Enemies (Reason)

April 15 mixes tax, Obamacare deadlines (Politico)

John Roberts’s rules of money in politics (Politico)

Boehner says there’s ‘no question’ mentally ill shouldn’t have guns (The Hill)

Reid: No plans to revive gun control legislation (The Hill)

Fort Hood shooter saw no combat in Iraq (USA Today)

Bill Clinton: Aliens May Exist (Daily Beast)

U.S. House Panel to Vote as Soon as April 10 on Lerner Contempt (Bloomberg)

Senate panel votes to declassify part of CIA report (USA Today)

New York Can Block Religious Services in Schools, Appeals Panel Rules (New York Times)

Charles Koch calls critics ‘collectivists’ (Politico)