Utah Policy/KSL Insider Survey: Will Swallow or Shurtleff Be Charged

Given the revelations from the House report on the John Swallow scandal, vest the continuing criminal investigation, we asked our “Political Insiders” and readers whether they thought former Attorneys General John Swallow and Mark Shurtleff will end up being charged with a crime.


Selected anonymous comments:

“I believe it’s a symbolic move, but Swallow will be charged. Republican leaders need to show the voters that they don’t approve of this and it’s not typical for GOP elected officials, so they must press for a prosecution. They won’t go after Shurtleff.”

“Both get charged but Sim Gill makes it political by waiting to file around the general election.”

“Swallow is too big of a fish to let go of easily. I can only hope he will be punished for his crimes”

“They should both be charged, but probably wont due to ties with legislature and law enforcement.”

“Their conspiracy goes so far back and so deep how could they not be prosecuted?”

“Swallow will be charged–and he should be–but he will also play something of a scapegoat role by being chased out of the camp bearing Shurtleff’s and others’ sins.”

“If they are not, there is something very wrong with the system.”

“Taxpayers will pay & pay whatever the verdict!”

“I certainly hope they are both charged, but based upon past history Shurtleff will probably pay someone to make all his problems go away.”

“Nevermind any issues of interpretation–the black and white proof in the Jensen emails, the recordings that Shurtleff will ask Jensen for money to pay off another guy, Swallow admitting he took paperless Lake Powell trips, the falsified campaign disclosures of the Swallow income and the cost of the fundraiser, both knowing the gambling processing was illegal and ignoring it… They committed crimes. I feel bad for their children and spouses.”

“It will be a travesty if both are not charged.”

“Maybe Utah will have a shiny new state prison by the time Swallow ends up there!”

“Neither. This IS Utah, after all.”

“My natural cynicism says no ‘good ol boy’ will be charged by a jury of his peers.”

“Both should be charged, found guilty, disbarred, and they should then roll on every other elected official involved. Jason Powers should also be charged, found guilty, and sent to prison.”

“Sim Gill and Troy Rawlings will present a solid case against both of these men. Through the House report we know multiple crimes have been alleged, where there is smoke…”