National Headlines 4-6-14

In the ‘credentials caucus,’ GOP’s 2016 hopefuls study policy and seek advisers (Washington Post)

Pelosi rebuffs Gibbs on O-Care prediction (The Hill)

Hayden: Interrogation report not objective (The Hill)

For Dems, a problem with seniors (The Hill)

Will flash trades now lead to a financial transaction tax? (The Hill)

Jeb Bush Says He’ll Make Decision on Bid This Year (ABC News)

Obama to launch executive actions on equal pay for women (Reuters)

Obama-Ortiz selfie causes problems for White House (State Column)

Nancy Pelosi blames CIA’s ‘enhanced interrogation’ on Dick Cheney (CBS News)

Report: Government Missing Files For $6 Billion In Contracts (Associated Press)

Early release on the table for Jesse Jackson Jr.? (Chicago Sun-Times)