Club for Growth launching digital ads attacking McAdams over impeachment

20191111 Club McAdams ad

As expected, the conservative Club for Growth is set to launch ads urging voters in Democrat Ben McAdams’ district to contact his office and tell him to “stop supporting the phony impeachment process.” first reported last week that the group was mulling adding McAdams to their anti-impeachment efforts. The group announced the new round of ads aimed at McAdams in a press release shared with on Monday evening..

The group is already running ads in four congressional districts carried by President Trump in 2016, but are represented by Democrats. The new wave of ads will run in five Democratic-held Trump districts, including McAdams.

The ad, which you can see below, hits McAdams for allowing other issues to sit idle in favor of impeachment.

“For McAdams and his party bosses, all that matters is impeachment. A distraction from the real issues facing every day Americans,” says the ad. “McAdams promised problem-solving, not partisanship.”


“Now that socialists have driven the Democratic Party over the cliff with the sham impeachment, conservatives have an opportunity, especially in certain districts where recently elected Democrats who campaigned on moderation and independence have to go home and answer questions from voters about why they haven’t done more on issues like jobs and the economy,” said Club for Growth President David McIntosh in a news release.

McAdams is widely seen as one of the most vulnerable Democrats in Congress in the 2020 election cycle. His district went for Trump, but with only 39.1% of the vote. But, Trump is not exactly the most popular figure in Utah. Polling shows 56% of voters in McAdams’ district disapprove of Trump’s job performance, and less than 40% say they are prepared to vote to give Trump a second term in office. On the other hand, 44% of voters in the 4th District say they are opposed to impeachment.