Lee: Impeachment will ‘blow up’ in Pelosi’s face

20191113 Lee Fox

Sen. Mike Lee said Tuesday if Democrats had any evidence that President Donald Trump did anything that warranted his impeachment, “we would have known about it for four weeks.”

“What we are aware of in this case is the president hasn’t done anything impeachable, hasn’t done anything criminal,” said Lee on Fox News. “(Democrats) haven’t brought forth evidence, which means they don’t have it.”

House Democrats are investigating President Trump’s interactions with Ukraine where he allegedly pressured the president of that country to dig up dirt on his political rivals in exchange for military aid. 

Lee says House Speaker Nancy Pelosi didn’t want to begin impeachment proceedings against President Trump, but she was unable to control members of her own caucus.

“Nancy Pelosi can’t control her own party, and that’s why we are in this mess. She’s held captive over this issue and that’s why she agreed to move forward. The only problem is there is no there there that we can see and in the absence of any evidence it’s going to blow up in her face,” said Lee.

Lee, who would serve as a juror in the Senate if the House votes to impeach President Trump, says the House process so far has been patently unfair.

“Why would they have weeks of secret hearings? If they were really confident in their case, they would let Republicans call witnesses. The fact they are not playing fair means they do not have a case,” said Lee.

Watch the clip below via Fox News.