McAdams on impeachment: ‘I will vote yes’

Ben McAdams 05

Democrat Ben McAdams announced Monday that he would be a “yes” vote when Congress considers two articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump this week.

“I will vote yes knowing the Senate will acquit the president,” a somber-sounding McAdams said Monday. “I know my vote will not remove the president from office.”

The House Judiciary Committee accused Trump of abusing his office by pressuring Ukraine to launch an investigation into his domestic political rivals by withholding aid to that country. They also claim Trump obstructed Congress’ oversight role by refusing to turn over requested documents and allowing staffers to submit to questioning.

“The evidence is clear,” said McAdams. “The president abused his office by demanding foreign governments investigate his political foes and he obstructed Congress from performing its constitutional duty. His actions weakened our country.”

McAdams had pushed to censure President Trump for his actions instead of impeachment, but that idea didn’t gain much traction. McAdams preferred that path because Congress doesn’t have much trust from the public to do the right thing.

“I recognize we live in contentious times. Democrats and Republicans have conducted themselves in a way that the public does not trust them to fulfill this duty. We have squandered their trust,” said McAdams.

President Trump’s campaign blasted McAdams’ decision in an email statement shortly after his decision.

“Ben McAdams is choosing Nancy Pelosi and the House Democrats’ unhinged caucus over his constituents. Voters won’t forget his cowardice. McAdams’ political career is over,” said Trump spokesperson Samantha Zager.

The full House is set to take a historic vote on the articles of impeachment on Wednesday where they will likely pass with very few if any Republican votes. The Senate plans to hold a short trial after the first of the year where President Trump is expected to be acquited.