Video: Stewart rips impeachment during floor debate

20191218 Stewart Floor

Rep. Chris Stewart ripped House Democrats and the push toward impeachment during floor debate on Wednesday, saying impeachment would “take away his vote and throw it in the trash.”

Stewart, during his two minutes of time during floor debate, quipped that Democrats are trying to impeach President Donald Trump because they don’t like him, and they want to undo the 2016 election.

“It turns out that some people don’t like President Trump. They think he’s loud and can be arrogant and sometimes he says bad words and sometimes he can be rude to people and to their sensitive natures, they’ve been offended,” said Stewart mockingly.

“This vote today is about one thing and one thing only. They hate this president. They hate those of us who voted for him. They think we made a mistake. They think Hillary Clinton should be the president and they want to fix that. They want to take my vote and throw it in the trash.”

Stewart also accused Democrats of sullying the somber process of impeachment.

“This is not something you are approaching prayerfully or mournfully or sadly. This is something you’re gleeful about, and you’ve been trying to do it for three years,” he said.

Stewart wrapped up his comments with a stark warning about the future for his Democratic colleagues.

“If this impeachment is successful, I promise you the next president will be impeached, and the next president after that. If you set the bar as being impeachable, every president in our future will be impeached. It erodes our republic in ways our founding fathers recognized. They got it right,” said Stewart.

After Stewart’s time was up, Democratic House Judiciary Chair Jerry Nadler zinged him saying “I would like to remind the gentleman that if President Trump were impeached and removed, the new president would be Mike Pence, not Hillary Clinton.”

Watch the clip below: