Utah Policy/KSL Insider Survey: Next Leader of Utah’s Democrats

Utah’s Democrats are set to pick a new chairman next weekend following the surprise resignation of Jim Dabakis. Our “Political Insiders” and readers make their pick.

Selected anonymous comments:

“The Democrats won’t go for Davis, who is more conservative than some Republicans. Corroon is going to be the next chair, even if he won’t change much as party boss.”

“Corroon, well respected as he is, doesn’t hold the promise Davis does. Davis is a relatively new face from the heart of the conservative beast and may just have something new, different and better to offer. Given the situation he can only help”

“Democrats… In Utah? Who knew?”

“Who cares? Everyone knows the Democratic Party doesn’t matter in Utah anyway, so why should we care who their Chairman is?”

“What a sorry slate! There is no one to chose from–which is an indication of the poor state of affairs of the Democratic party in Utah.”

“Peter understands the landscape better than anyone. His race against Herbert in 2010 taught him lessons he can use to benefit Democrats statewide.”

“Peter still wants to be Governor. Now he can be the Governor of the Democrats.”

“Peter will make an outstanding party chair. He has the political savvy, the credibility, and a reputation for integrity and honesty that will give the Democrats new enthusiasm and hope for party growth.”

“People like Peter Corroon and Ben McAdams are problematic for the GOP because they provide compelling reasons for independent Republicans to vote Democrat. It’s a good problem for a party to have.”

“Peter Corroon could hardly be a more vivid contrast to Jim Dabakis, but I think he’s exactly what the Democrats need: someone solid, experienced, non-threatening.”

“Richard Davis looks too much like Waldo in the Van Halen video Hot for Teacher.”

“They may be better off selecting Davis, but they’ll likely choose Corroon.”

“Davis is ridiculous; why even be a Democrat if you’re going to take Republican positions on all the social issues?”

“Please not Richard Davis. He has been more negative than Dabakis.”