RMS President Sharlene Wells Hawkes joins Sutherland’s Board of Directors

Sutherland Institute President and CEO Rick Larsen announced that Sharlene Wells Hawkes is joining the organization’s Board of Directors. 

“Sharlene Wells Hawkes’ career includes diverse and ground-breaking work – in so many areas,” Larsen said. “Her life on the public stage has been lived with a commitment to principles, and Sutherland is proud to be associated with those principles. Her background and understanding of communications and media, her commitment to serving those who serve in the military and to her family, are truly aligned with Sutherland’s mission.”

“As policymaking has become increasingly divided in recent years, I have become less interested in partisan objectives and more interested in sound policy direction in the areas that affect our entire American way of life,” Hawkes said. “Sutherland Institute’s nonpartisan attention to education, healthcare and religious liberty brings exactly the kind of academic rigor and public awareness to critical, generation-altering issues that lawmakers must consider before submitting a vote that affects society’s future. I’m looking forward to engaging with this board as we encourage respectful, informed discussion in shaping policy that improves the lives of our changing population while preserving what makes us uniquely American.”

Sharlene Wells Hawkes is president/founder of Remember My Service (RMS) Military Productions, a division of StoryRock Inc. RMS Productions is the only full-service video production and book publishing provider working specifically with the military and veterans organizations. Hawkes holds a bachelor’s degree in communications from BYU and a master’s in integrated marketing communication from the University of Utah. After college, she signed with ESPN and spent 16 years as an award-winning sportscaster, covering such world-class events as World Cup Soccer, World Cup Skiing, the Kentucky Derby 1995-2004, the French Open, and Big 10 College Football 1990-1995. Hawkes has four children and two grandchildren.