Lee says House impeachment managers were ‘rude’ and ‘insulting’

20200122 Lee Fox

Sen. Mike Lee said he was disappointed in the behavior displayed by the House impeachment managers during the first day of President Donald Trump’s trial in the Senate. 

The proceedings erupted into a shouting match late Tuesday as Trump’s legal team objected to comments from Democratic Rep. Jerry Nadler, causing Chief Justice John Roberts to admonish both sides. Lee says Roberts should have singled out Democrats for crossing the line.

“I’m grateful to the chief justice. He did a good job. I thought it was unfair of him to direct that at both sets of counsels because it felt to me like collective punishment for isolated guilt,” said Lee on Fox News.

Lee added he felt the blowup was entirely the fault of the House impeachment managers.

“They were rude. They were insulting. They were demeaning not just to the president, but to the opposing counsel and to the Senate itself,” said Lee.

There are reports that Democrats would be willing to let Republicans call Hunter Biden to testify if they are able to call former national security adviser John Bolton to give testimony. Lee said he doesn’t think it would be helpful to call witnesses.

Watch the clip below via Fox News: