No Veto Override Session

Legislators will not try to override Gov. Gary Herbert’s vetoes of three bills from the 2014 Legislature.

Herbert vetoed three pieces of legislation this year, one that would have given lawmakers more power to enforce subpoenas. He also nixed a bill allowing review of complaints about school curriculum to a board of parents and legislation to restrict local governments from creating new “assessment areas.”

A poll of House members found 34 were in favor of a veto override session, while 40 were not. 21 Senators voted against an override session.

In order to reconvene in an override session, 50 Representatives and 20 Senators need to vote in favor.

President Wayne Niederhauser posted this quote on the Senate’s web site:

We disagree with the governor on some of his final policy choices, but respect the checks and balances of our constitutional process. We also appreciate the deliberative manner in which Governor Herbert carried out his responsibility. He worked diligently with bill sponsors during the signing period and the two branches of government were able to negotiate solutions, in most instances. For this reason, senators have opted to forgo the time and expense of an override session. We can address the few remaining policy disagreements at a later date.