Lower Drug Prices for Utah poll: Utahns say drug prices a top issue, support solutions to hold big pharma accountable

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Lower Drug Prices for Utah (LDPUT) released a statement Thursday on a new survey conducted in the Beehive State that found an overwhelming majority of voters identify drug prices as a top issue confronting Utah, hold Big Pharma responsible for rising prices, support market-based solutions to hold drug companies accountable and want lawmakers to pass The Pharmaceutical Entity Transparency Act — a bill that is expected to be introduced this legislative session.

“Utahns are deeply concerned with out-of-control prescription drug prices and are demanding action from state lawmakers to hold Big Pharma accountable,” said LDPUT spokesman Jeff Johnson. “By decisive margins, Beehive State voters hold Big Pharma responsible for rising drug prices and support greater list price transparency that will shine a light on drug

companies’ egregious pricing practices and discourage price hikes.”

“With such clear consensus from Utah voters, it is critical state lawmakers respond by passing The Pharmaceutical Entity Transparency Act,” Johnson added. “This market-based solution will increase transparency, boost competition, and arm patients and physicians with more information to make informed decisions.”

The survey was commissioned by Lower Drug Prices for Utah and conducted by Morning Consult. Key takeaways from the survey include:

Utah Voters Overwhelmingly Blame Big Pharma For Out-Of-Control Drug Prices

• 71 percent of Utah voters blame pharmaceutical companies for “the rising price of prescription drugs.”

More Than Four-In-Five Utahns Identify Rising Drug Prices As A Top Issue Facing The State

• 85 percent of Utah voters – a massive majority – identify the rising price of prescription drugs as an important issue facing the state.

A Massive Majority Of Utah Voters Support Greater List Price Transparency 

• 87 percent of Beehive State voters – an overwhelming amount – agree Utah lawmakers should “increase transparency for prescription drug list prices,” the price set by the manufacturer. That includes 90 percent of Republicans, 83 percent of independents and 85 percent of Democrats.

Voters Support The Pharmaceutical Entity Transparency Act By A Substantial Margin

• By a 61 point margin, Utah voters still say they support The Pharmaceutical Entity Transparency Act after hearing a brief description of the legislation and Big Pharma’s phony rhetoric.

Three Quarters Of Utahns Want Lawmakers To Pass The Legislation This Year

• 75 percent of Utahns, or three out of every four voters, say it is important lawmakers in Salt Lake City pass The Pharmaceutical Entity Transparency Act this year.

Voters Want Utah Legislators Focused On Market-Based Solutions

• 77 percent of Utah voters want lawmakers to focus on the solutions contained in The Pharmaceutical Entity Transparency Act, that would increase transparency, boost competition and give patients and physicians more information about drug prices to make informed decisions.

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