Video: Trump to Herbert about Romney: ‘You keep him, we don’t want him’

20200210 Trump CNN

During a White House event on Monday, President Donald Trump continued his verbal assault on Sen. Mitt Romney, telling Utah Gov. Gary Herbert, “You keep him.”

Herbert tried to ask the president a question during the event with the nation’s governors. Trump interrupted and said, “How’s Mitt Romney?”

Herbert replied, “Haven’t talked to him.”

Trump shot back, “You keep him. We don’t want him.”

Romney has incurred Trump’s wrath since he voted to convict the president for abuse of power during his Senate impeachment trial. Romney is the first Senator in history to vote to remove a president from the same party.

Trump unleashed on Romney Sunday on Twitter, retweeting posts saying the Utah Senator “stabbed Trump in the back” and unsubstantiated claims that Romney is somehow tied to Hunter Biden.

See the clip below via CNN: