Some Utah Republicans want Mitt Romney to support President Trump or resign

Mitt Romney 10

A group of Utah Republican Party Central Committee members wants to censure Sen. Mitt Romney for voting to remove President Donald Trump for office. Their proposed resolution calls on Romney to support Trump’s agenda or resign from office. 

The resolution, authored by Brandon Beckham and co-sponsored by a handful of other Central Committee members will be presented to the full GOP governing body at their regular meeting later this month. Beckham was one of the founders of the Keep My Voice group that is seeking to undo the law that allows candidates to gather signatures to get on the ballot.


Beckham’s resolution says “despite zero evidence of a federal crime committed or any wrongdoing that rises to the level of removal of office,” Romney was the only Republican to vote with the Democratic members of the Senate to convict Trump for abuse of power in the Ukraine scandal.

Romney has come under fire from Utah Republicans for his vote last week. Rep. Phil Lyman, R-Blanding, is proposing a legislative resolution to censure Romney, while legislative leaders are discussing several ways to express their support for President Trump after Romney’s impeachment vote.  

Governor Gary Herbert says he opposes efforts to censure Romney.

The proposed resolution concludes: 

“Resolved, that the Utah Republican Party is appalled by Senator Romney’s actions, expresses severe disappointment for his impeachment vote, and hearby strongly censures Sen. Mitt Romney; and resolved, that the Utah Republican Party calls on Senator Mitt Romney to vigorously support President Trump and his conservative America First agenda or vacate his seat.”

The resolution is not binding nor does it carry any force if the central committee were to pass it.

Utah GOP Chairman Derek Brown did not respond to requests for comment.

A recent News survey found Sen. Romney’s approval ratings among Utah voters fell 10 points during the impeachment effort and trial.