Romney was uninvited from CPAC because organizers fear for his safety

Mitt Romney 11

Sen. Mitt Romney, who has been the target of Republican scorn after casting the lone GOP vote in favor of President Donald Trump’s impeachment, is now facing threats of physical violence against him.

Matt Schlapp, chairman of the annual Conservative Political Action Conference, said Sunday Romney would not be welcome at the gathering because he may be facing threats of political violence.

The Washington Post reports Schlapp made the controversial remarks to Greta Van Susteren. 

“We won’t credential him as a conservative,” said Schlapp. “I suppose if he wants to come as a nonconservative and debate an issue with us, maybe in the future we would have him come.”

“This year, I would actually be afraid for his physical safety, people are so mad at him,” he said.


Schlapp has denied any threatening intent in his Sunday comments, tweeting that he has “no beef [with Romney’s] family” and hopes “they have happy healthy lives away from politics.” Responding to one man’s accusation that he runs a “mob,” Schlapp said he has taken his “little girls” and 80-year-old mom to CPAC without any problem.


“I wish Gov Romney no harm I just want him to find a new hobby away from destroying GOP momentum,” the conference head said.