Utah recognized as leader in digital government

he state of Utah continues to be a leader in digital government services that benefit residents and business across the state. In 2019, Utah.gov and the state’s digital government program received 12 awards from a variety of national and international competitions including the National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO), the Center for Digital Government and StateScoop.com.

Utah has long been a leader in digital government innovation and creating cost-saving digital experiences that make it easier to get information and conveniently complete transactions with the state.

“We have a lot of support within the state for initiatives in technology and innovation,” said David Fletcher, Chief Technology Officer for the state of Utah. “Executive leadership, legislators and agency leadership have a history of leading the way in digital government.”

Utah Governor Gary Herbert was recognized as a Tech Champion by NASCIO for his leadership in public sector technology policy and practice. Governor Herbert was also named a Golden Gov Finalist by StateScoop.com. In addition, state Chief Information Officer Mike Hussey received a State Leadership of the Year award from StateScoop.com.

Utah.gov also received digital experience innovation awards for artificial intelligent analysis of visitor feedback and the State’s controlled substance database solution.

“We’re pleased with the recognition we receive,” said Fletcher. “But we hope to have another banner year and set the standard for digital government experience.”

To learn more, visit Utah.Gov.