Herbert Kicks off Comic Con

Gov. Gary Herbert was on hand to kick off the latest iteration of Comic Con, which is rapidly becoming one of, if not the, biggest convention in Utah.

The first event last year drew more than 72,000 attendees. This time around, organizers are expecting upwards of 100,000.

“These guys are approaching the¬†philosophy of ‘go big or go home’ in a significant way,” said Herbert. “This year the sequel is going to be bigger and better than the original. They have doubled their floor space and are bringing people from surrounding states.”

While the convention won’t have the economic impact of the Outdoor Retailers convention, which brings more attendees from out of state, Herbert says Comic Con will do wonders to boost the profile of Utah around the world and boost tourism..

“The publicity from this is enormous. It’s going to be broadcast hither and yon, and will help people learn more about Utah then bring them here for vacation and such.”

Herbert said the convention is affording him an opportunity that would make many a sci-fi fan green with envy as he is going to spend a few hours with William Shatner, the original Captain Kirk, on Thursday evening.