Governor issues Executive Order relaxing requirements for telehealth providers

The governor issued an Executive Order suspending sections of state statute that may make it difficult for health providers to provide telehealth care to their patients. 

The order allows medical providers to offer a telehealth service that does not comply with the security and privacy standards required by Utah law, so long as the healthcare provider notifies the patient that the service they are using does not comply with those standards, allows them to decline using the service, and takes reasonable steps to ensure that the service provided is secure and private. 

The governor issued the following statement: 

“While we applaud health systems that have already expanded to offer telehealth services that provide the highest levels of privacy, we don’t want to stop health providers new to offering telehealth from innovating and using video conferencing programs that are readily available to them. The more opportunities we can create for patients to consult with their medical providers remotely, the more we can prevent the risk of spreading COVID-19 in our clinics and healthcare centers.” 

You can view the full order here.