Leaders for Clean Air receives $25,000 UCAIR grant to help Utah workplaces install EV chargers

Leaders for Clean Air (LFCA), a Salt Lake City non-profit, working in partnership with Rocky Mountain Power, with a mission to improve air quality by encouraging electric vehicle adoption along the Wasatch Front, announced the award of a $25,000 grant from UCAIR.

The grant funds will be used in support of the UCAIR EV Hardware Assistance Program, which provides credits to help small businesses, local governments, and non-profit organizations obtain workplace electric vehicle chargers at little to no cost.  

“We greatly appreciate UCAIR’s continued partnership with Leaders for Clean Air, and their ongoing support of our mission,” said Kate Steinicke, Development Director of Leaders for Clean Air. 

“Installing electric vehicle charging stations at your business is one of the easiest and most effective ways a business can contribute to air quality solutions in this valley. With this grant, we can target small  businesses that want to be a leader in electric technology, but might have been unable to do so due to  cost.” 

Leaders for Clean Air also administers Rocky Mountain Power’s Rebate Incentive program, which provides an incentive of up to 75% to eligible businesses and multifamily developments purchasing charging hardware. Together, these two programs address barriers to electric vehicle adoption in Utah and accomplish the goal of advancing zero tailpipe emissions along the Wasatch Front. 

For more information about the Leaders for Clean Air, the UCAIR EV Hardware Assistance  Program, and ​LFCA’s partnership with Rocky Mountain Power​, visit ​www.leadersforcleanair.org​.