Gov. Herbert asks Utahns to stay at home the next two weeks, but local governments can implement stricter measures if they choose

Gary Herbert 05

Gov. Gary Herbert is asking Utahns to stay home for the next two weeks in order to slow down the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, but it’s not a mandatory “shelter in place” order.

“Home is the safest place you can be,” said Herbert. “Limit your exposure to other people. We’re going have to be a little more homebound for the next couple of weeks.”

Herbert’s directive is meant to be a baseline for Utahns, but it will be up to local governments and health departments to determine what works best for individual communities. Local governments can take more aggressive measures if they so choose. The “stay at home” directive goes into effect this evening, while guidelines for businesses start Monday.

The directive does not impose any mandatory closures of businesses. Herbert recognizes that Utahns need to go to the store to get groceries, but is asking residents to limit that as much as possible.

Businesses are also being asked to allow employees to telework wherever possible, and Utahns are urged to observe social distancing guidelines and proper hygiene when they absolutely must go into public.

“This is not a one-size fits all situation. We know there are differences in our regions and differences in situations right now,” says Herbert.

Herbert says the directive will be in place for the two weeks, and he plans to re-evaluate the situation at that time.