Podcast: Denver Artist Kevin Eslinger at Salt Lake Comic Con

Salt Lake Comic Con is now the third-largest convention of its type in the entire nation. This past weekend the event drew artists from all over the country to display their work.

Sen. Daniel Thatcher (R-West Valley City) spoke with Denver-based artist Kevin Eslinger about why he decided to grab a booth at Salt Lake Comic Con.

“I have sold at the Utah Arts Festival before,” says Eslinger. “Utah hasn’t over saturated themselves with these kinds of shows. You have only a few festivals serving a large and wealthy population. That’s why I come.”

Eslinger also says Utah isn’t trying to do too much.

“Traveling to Utah is much different. In Colorado, you could do a show every other weekend, so you’re just splitting up your money between all those shows.”

Eslinger says he’s already booked a booth at the next edition of Salt Lake Comic Con in September.

You can listen to a conversation with Kevin Eslinger here.