Utahns are more worried about the impact the coronavirus will have on the economy than public health

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Utahns are more concerned about the coronavirus’ impact on the economy than they are what it’s doing to public health, a new UtahPolicy.com/KUTV 2 News survey finds.

The results mirror other Y2 Analytics questions which, generally, show Utahns are not very worried about the pandemic’s impact on themselves and their immediate family’s health.

Y2 asked what is more concerning to you personally, the virus’ impact on public health or the economy:

60 percent said they are more concerned about the economy than on public health, while 40 percent are more concerned about people’s health.

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As we’ve found with other questions on the pandemic, women are more concerned about other folks than are men:

63 percent of men said their greatest concern is about the economy, but only 57 percent of women said the same.

And, as with other questions about the coronavirus, partisan politics are reflected in the answers:

Those who said they are “strong” Republicans — 75 percent said they are more concerned about the economy, while only 25 percent the public’s health.

Among political independents, 42 percent said public health, 58 percent said the economy, while those who said they are “strong” Democrats, 73 percent said public health and 27 percent said the economy.

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Among those who classified themselves as “very active” LDS, 64 percent said they are more concerned about the impact on the economy, while 36 percent said the public’s health.

While those who said they have no religion are split — half said the economy is more of a concern for them, half said the public’s health is their greater concern.

Y2 polled 1,331 individuals between March 21-30, with a margin of error of plus or minus 2.7 percent.