Utah Treasurer encourages teachers, parents to celebrate Financial Literacy Month by incorporating financial education into remote learning

April is Financial Literacy Month, and Utah schools are under a soft closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic. During this time of remote learning, Utah State Treasurer David Damschen encourages teachers and parents to incorporate financial education into students’ daily learning.  

To assist with remote financial education, the Office of State Treasurer is sharing one online financial education resource every day of the month on social media. These resources are also posted on the treasurer’s website: https://treasurer.utah.gov/flmr/.

“Understanding how to manage personal finances is important for anyone, and the earlier we teach our youth these critical skills, the better. I appreciate the outstanding work of Utah educators spanning all grades to incorporate personal finance into their curriculum and the organizations that support them in doing so,” Treasurer Damschen said. “There are many great resources available online that enable teachers and parents to continue financial education during the soft closure of schools.”

Treasurer Damschen chairs the Utah Council on Financial and Economic Education, an organization comprised of more than 50 public and private entities that share a common mission to increase the financial capability of Utahns. The Office of State Treasurer oversees and orchestrates the work of the council, administers the Stock Market Game throughout Utah and works with the State Board of Education on the review and revision of Utah’s General Financial Literacy Strands and Standards and end-of-course exam.

One of the resources available to teachers and parents during the soft closure of schools is the Stock Market Game. The Office of State Treasurer is offering a free, non-competitive session of the game that runs until June 5. Teachers and parents can download the Stock Market Game Student Activity Packet and register to play the game at stockmarketgame.org.  

To learn more about the Office of State Treasurer’s financial literacy initiatives, visit: https://treasurer.utah.gov/for-utahns/financial-education/.