National Headlines 4-24-14

Issa questions role of Holder’s DOJ in targeting of Tea Party groups (The Hill)

Oregon asks the feds to take over failed ObamaCare exchange (The Hill)

Outlaw rancher at heart of Nevada standoff claims slavery was better than welfare (New York Daily News)

First lady says kids pay a price for the Washington life (Washington Post)

Hillary Clinton: Today’s media is more entertainment, less facts (CNN)

Rand Paul up 5 over Clinton in new poll, ‘the man to beat in Colorado’ (McClatchy)

National Rifle Association annual meeting gets underway after year of political victories (UPI)

Holder plans to remain as attorney general through the mid-term elections (Washington Post)

White House slams AFP’s Aurora image ad (Politico)

GMO labeling proponents eye next state for passage (Politico)

Former US test site sues nuclear nations for disarmament failure (Oman Daily Observer)