Webinar: Resources for women-owned businesses to overcome COVID-19 economic challenges and engage globally

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Local business development experts provide resources to help women-owned businesses regain traction and succeed during the upcoming economic stabilization phase. Speakers will share insights and answer your questions live in order to make your business more resilient now and in the future. 

What: Resources for Women-Owned Businesses to Overcome COVID-19 Economic Challenges and Engage Globally
When: Thursday, May 7 at 10 am
Where: Zoom – Webinar ID 824-8278-4452



  • Susan Madsen, Founder/Director of the Utah Women & Leadership Project: Learn how women react to challenges and how self-understanding is important for business owners when understanding their own reactions and stress.
  • Clancy Stone, Business Advisor at the Women’s Business Center of Utah: Launch a successful business during COVID-19 and avoid the pitfalls of failure and success while doing so.
  • Nicole Sherwood, Director of Grants and Operations | STEP Project Director at World Trade Center Utah: Engage internationally during economic uncertainty – why women are less likely to pursue international opportunities despite the benefits and available resources.
  • Q&A

This seminar will be streamed live on Zoom and the WTC Utah YouTube Channel. We will also post a recording of the video on YouTube immediately after the webinar. 

If you have any questions about this seminar, please contact Hannah Lowry, WTC Utah Events Manager, at [email protected]