Guest opinion: Even when McAdams votes against Pelosi’s far-left agenda, he’s still voting for it

Kim Coleman 02

The Democratic-controlled House just passed two bills that clearly demonstrate why we must win Utah-4 this November. One was a pork-laden progressive Christmas list cynically titled the “HEROES Act.” The other is an unconstitutional disgrace that reduces Congress to a Democratic no-show patronage job.

The fact that Ben McAdams voted for one and against the other only underscores that a dues-paying member of that liberal majority can never represent the values of Utah’s 4th Congressional District.

McAdams’ yes vote came on a measure that is unconstitutional on its face – a purely partisan rules change that would stop requiring members to actually show up to vote, enabling passage of legislation with as few as 20 Democrats present.

It would allow Nancy Pelosi to manipulate the legislative process in ways likely unforeseen by the Founders. Yet those Founders were clear in indicating that both House and Senate should be physically present to pass legislation. Article One, Section 5 states, “…a Majority of each shall constitute a Quorum to do Business…”

No-show political jobs are a proud Democratic tradition in strongholds like Chicago, but new ground for U.S. lawmakers. So, while police, firemen, EMTs, doctors, nurses, soldiers and sailors, truck drivers and grocery store workers are all still showing up to do their jobs, Congress goes on vacation. 

This concentrates even more power in leadership’s hands – no amendments, no debate, no hearings – none of the process that used to define our republic. The struggling Post Office is open but Congress is closed. Airlines are flying but Congress is grounded. 

If a “virtual Congress” is a bad joke, the so-called “HEROES Act” is a travesty.

Pelosi’s “HEROES Act,” is a $3 trillion progressive fever dream. It provides almost $1 trillion in direct aid to state and local governments to help cover revenue shortfalls from the pandemic’s impact on the economy (which they refuse to reopen).

The bill – developed by House Democrats without GOP input – is a deep fake built to sneak far-left IEDs into law, including: 

  • Prison gates open wide to release millions of convicted criminals, including murderers and rapists. 
  • States lose control of elections by their elected leaders, yielding to unelected federal bureaucrats, allowing same-day registration, ballot harvesting, and banning ID requirements – “The Voter Fraud Authorization Act of 2020.”
  • Blue States get a huge bailout after years of profligate spending and systemic pension fraud.
  • Taxpayers subsidize abortions as Planned Parenthood receives Paycheck Protection Program funds.
  • A bizarre obsession to make sure low-income neighborhoods of color have access to recreational marijuana (mentioned 68 times). 

And with nearly 40 million American citizens newly unemployed:

  • Direct stimulus payments of $1,200 to illegal aliens.
  • Any undocumented “essential” worker is shielded from legal deportation proceedings.
  • As American healthcare workers are laid off or furloughed by the thousands, the doors swing open for millions of new cut-rate healthcare workers to enter the country.

Because he is on the “Least Wanted” list of Democrats in Congress, Principal Pelosi gave McAdams a hall pass on the HEROES Act. But so what? By his presence, Ben McAdams furthers the radical, far-left agenda of the modern Democrat Party. Our political system is a two-team sport – McAdams chose which jersey to wear. 

Ben McAdams’ Democrat majority does not represent our home, our values, or our America. A fig-leaf “No” vote is meaningless as long as the Democrat majority remains. With a Republican majority in 2021, nightmare legislation like this never sees the light of day.

For weeks the national media was abuzz with dire predictions of Republican calamity as two special House elections in California and Wisconsin approached. Their silence has become deafening after Republicans won both. Returning Utah’s 4th Congressional District will be integral to flipping the House back to GOP control for President Trump’s second term. The President has accomplished amazing things in the last two years, despite gale-force headwinds from a Democrat House majority – imagine what he can do with a conservative wind at his back. 

Utah must do its part and send McAdams home for good. 

Kim Coleman currently represents Utah’s 42nd district in the state House of Representatives. She is running to replace McAdams in the US House.