National Headlines 4-29-14

President Obama’s approval rating falls to new low: poll (New York Daily News)

Inhofe: EPA may have delayed carbon rule to help Dems in election (The Hill)

Reid in talks to hold Keystone vote (The Hill)

Boehner: No ‘secret conspiracy’ to jam through immigration overhaul (The Hill)

Christian college fires John Boehner challenger over ‘electile dysfunction’ ad (New York Daily News)

Eric Cantor to Vance McAllister: ‘Resign’ (Politico)

Plotter recalls al-Qaida brainstorming targets (Associated Press)

Senator: E-mails show how Benghazi story shaped (USA Today)

Oklahoma Set for Double Execution Amid Storm Over Lethal-Drug Secrecy (New York Times)

‘The markets are not rigged,’ insists US official (Sydney Morning Herald)

Yellen’s Quest for Clarity Over Rates Leaves Some Saying: What? (Bloomberg)