Today in history – June 9

1732 – James Oglethorpe is granted a royal charter for the colony of the future state of Georgia.

1856 – Five hundred Mormons leave Iowa City, Iowa for the Mormon Trail.

1954 – Joseph Welch, special counsel for the U.S. Army, lashes out at Sen. Joseph McCarthy during hearings on whether Communism has infiltrated the Army, saying “You’ve done enough. Have you no sense of decency, sir at long last? Have you left no sense of decency?”

1967 – Israel captures the Golan Heights from Syria in the Six-Day War.

1968 – President Lyndon B. Johnson declares a national day of mourning following the assassination of Senator Robert F. Kennedy.

1973 – Secretariat wins the Triple Crown.

1978 – The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints opens its priesthood to “all worthy men”, ending a 148-year policy of excluding black men.